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Luis Enrique discusses key aspects ahead of the Havre-PSG match scheduled for Sunday at 1:00 PM.

PSG’s Lack of Efficiency? Luis Enrique expresses frustration, dismissing concerns: “It’s quite funny… If we have a finishing problem, what about the others? It’s a game of mistakes. I would be worried if we didn’t create chances. I’m not worried. Missing chances is part of football.”

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Ugarte’s Form Downturn: Enrique denies a connection to Zaire-Emery’s absence: “To play well in midfield, we need to be more compact. Manu is the future of the club. He will succeed.”

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Ndour’s Possible Suspension? Luis Enrique provides no clear answer: “He’s a very young player with top-level physical and technical qualities. He could start in any other Ligue 1 team. He’s a marvel and an example of what a young player should be.”

Possession Play: Enrique defends possession-based strategy: “We won’t dominate tomorrow? You want to bet? We average 70% possession. Why wouldn’t we have it tomorrow? I want to control the match as much as possible, have the ball near the opponent’s goal. We’re still at the beginning of the project. I’m very happy with what I see from my team.”

Dembélé’s Champions League Suspension: Enrique focuses on the Havre match: “I’m concerned about Le Havre. There’s time to try things, but Le Havre doesn’t play like Dortmund.”

RKM and Gonçalo Ramos: Enrique discusses Kolo Muani and Goncalo Ramos: “Kolo Muani may find it easier to play on the side, Goncalo is more of a 9. Both work well. We can improve, help them more. I’m content.”

Transfer Window: Enrique on potential winter signings: “The sporting management and the staff must always work to improve the team. It’s essential to be attentive to opportunities at the right time.”

Criticisms of Players: Enrique downplays the importance of statistics: “Stats aren’t everything. If you only look at stats, you might say Dembélé isn’t a good player. For me, stats aren’t something I focus on.”

Barcola’s Critiques: Enrique defends the young player: “Barcola is a spectacular youngster with a lot of personality. Football is a game of mistakes. I disagree with the critiques. You have to dare.”

Mbappé: Enrique praises Mbappé and emphasizes team contribution: “I would love to have three attackers like Mbappé scoring 17 goals each, but it doesn’t work like that. Kylian will always score 40-50 goals. But we don’t depend solely on Mbappé; Vitinha, Ramos, Kolo… also score.”

Ethan Mbappé: Enrique on the young talent’s future: “The future will tell. He’s part of the club’s future, not yet physically mature. He has many qualities, excellent game vision, intelligent. I like him a lot. I’m sure he’ll soon make his appearance with the first team.”

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