Kylian Mbappé continues to draw ire from South Americans for his controversial remarks about the World Cup and the level of the teams.

Kylian Mbappé has reiterated in recent months that the Euro is more competitive than the World Cup. The Parisian player had previously stated:

“The advantage we Europeans have is that we play high-level matches all the time, such as in the Nations League. When we arrive at the World Cup, we are ready, whereas Brazil and Argentina don’t have that level in South America. Football is not as advanced as it is in Europe. That’s why in the last World Cups, it’s always the Europeans who have won.”

These remarks sparked a wave of indignation, and Lionel Messi remains indignant. Speaking to ESPN, his former teammate expressed his disagreement: “The Euro is a very important competition, but it overlooks the world champions, Argentina, as well as Brazil and Uruguay. At the World Cup, all the best teams are there, and that’s why everyone wants to win it.”

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