PSG Player Marco Asensio is Going Through a Tough Time: He Announces His Divorce.

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi has penned a heartfelt message to his departing teammate Kylian Mbappé, expressing his admiration and well wishes as Mbappé embarks on a new chapter with Real Madrid.


PSG has unveiled its new home kit, but rather than featuring the players themselves, the visuals showcase AI clones of the players. This marks a groundbreaking move for the club, as it’s the first time in its history that such technology has been utilized for promotional purposes.

The harmony in the Mbappé family seems to have been disrupted, as Kylian didn’t take kindly to a comment made by his brother Ethan, and the exchange played out in front of the entire world.

PSG lost to FC Barcelona 3-2 on Wednesday night in the Champions League. An opportunity for Neymar to get back at his former club a bit.

Three days before the first leg quarter-final between PSG and FC Barcelona, ​​the Catalan club shared on its social networks a montage featuring the Mona Lisa wearing a Barcelona jersey.