PSG may have fallen short of reaching the Champions League final, but their European campaign has proven to be a financial success.

UEFA is set to reward PSG handsomely for their impressive run in the Champions League this season. The club will receive a participation fee of 15.64 million euros, along with earnings linked to their coefficient (30.7 million euros) and the market pool, which is expected to bring in around 33 million euros.

Additionally, PSG will earn bonuses based on their performance. Finishing second in their group stage with a record of 2 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses will earn them 7.46 million euros. Advancing to the round of 16 added another 9.6 million euros to their coffers.

Making it to the quarter-finals will net PSG 10.6 million euros, while reaching the semi-finals will earn them an additional 12.5 million euros. In total, PSG stands to receive a hefty sum of 119.5 million euros.

However, PSG will miss out on the 15.5 million euros awarded to the finalists, as well as the additional 4.5 million euros given to the winner of the Champions League. Despite falling short of the ultimate prize, PSG’s financial gains from their Champions League campaign are substantial.

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