Warren Zaïre Emery expressed his disappointment after PSG’s elimination in the Champions League semi-final against Dortmund (1-0).

“Firstly, we are very disappointed to have lost both legs. Now, it’s certain, we were unlucky. We managed to create quite a few chances. But football, sometimes, is like that, it just doesn’t go in. We hit everything: the crossbar, the post… And football, sometimes, is like that,” said Warren Zaïre Emery.

“It’s unfair. Moreover, we had one of the youngest teams in the Champions League. We have a project that evolves year after year, and we will do everything to win it next time,” said Warren Zaïre Emery.

“At the moment, we are very disappointed. However, now we still have the treble to go for, and that’s what we’ll try to do until the end of the season. And thanks to the supporters who have always been there for us. Even when we lose, we went to see them, and they encouraged us. We will all do everything to win for them.”

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