PSG’s failure to reach the Champions League final didn’t sit well with Luis Enrique, who vehemently rejected labeling it as such.

During a press conference, the PSG coach responded sharply to a journalist who characterized their Champions League campaign as a “failure.” Enrique retorted, “Was the word ‘failure’ properly pronounced? I’ll try to be polite: how many teams are there in the Champions League? You don’t know? Perhaps the failure is not having studied how many teams there were. Let’s move on to the next question and avoid a problem.”

Expressing his disappointment, Enrique acknowledged the lingering pain of falling short in the Champions League. Despite high hopes for reaching the final, he admitted that their performance in the crucial matches didn’t reflect their efforts.

However, Enrique emphasized the importance of moving on, already focusing on future celebrations while acknowledging the disappointment experienced by everyone involved. Ultimately, he maintained that they had given their all, even if the outcome didn’t meet expectations, and asserted the need to turn the page and move forward.

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