Ahead of PSG-Dortmund in the Champions League, Luis Enrique answered journalists’ questions this Monday.

Mbappé: “It’s very simple. Every match is different from the other; it depends on where the spaces are. Sometimes it’s between the lines, other times the opponent closes up, so you have to exploit the wings. Our goal is for our best players to participate more. I don’t want the striker to go fetch the ball in midfield; I want the striker to touch the ball in critical areas, and that’s difficult. I know you’re eager to talk about Kylian, and I’m used to talking about Kylian. As a goal, we want to find our best players. Obviously, our opponents won’t leave him free at the penalty spot; they’ll let him touch the ball in midfield. I want him to touch it where he’s dangerous.”

Everyone must defend: “We have a common goal, that’s why we always try to build up play from the back and bring the ball to the attackers in the best way possible. Since it’s a team effort, we also ask the attackers to prevent few balls from reaching the defense. We’re all a team, and everyone plays an instrument. Footballers can be excellent and must help defend. Our defenders must help bring the ball forward.”

Tactics: “I work on that every day. I try to implant an idea, and those who must carry it out are the players. They must participate in this process, and this team responds exceptionally. The coach must generate confidence in the players. ‘We will win’ is the only phrase I know in French.”

Ramos: “As you can imagine, we have a deep analysis and knowledge. Every attacker has particular characteristics, and it can be surprising when we say why this player is starting. I have full confidence in all my players. Everyone can start the match.”

Luis Enrique’s daily life: “In real life, it’s not just work. You have to do things outside, and I try to do that. I love sports, cycling, paddle tennis; we have a court here. I like going to the gym. We’ve had a lot of time to analyze, transmit the room for improvement to the players. You have to relax everyone a bit, and we also think about this semi-final.”

Players’ mindset: “We always seek to instill that doubt, what kind of match it will be? I know what match we’re going to play, but the result will depend on the opponent’s attitude. If the score changes, the attitude will change, but our mentality is to play regardless of the result, to be better than the opponent.”

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