Luis Enrique, the PSG coach, reacted after PSG’s elimination against Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final.

Luis Enrique wanted to win. He had made it clear before the return leg between PSG and Dortmund. It won’t be this time. Paris falls at the doorstep of the final. “The reality is that it is difficult to have a match with more than 3 expected goals, hit the post four times, and not score a single goal,” said Luis Enrique.

“Six posts in the two matches. Football is not a fair sport, it doesn’t always reward or make the best-playing team win. Nevertheless, I must also congratulate Dortmund. I think they played a great game, they competed, they had the chance to reach the final.”

“Stronger next year”

“We are sad and disappointed because we believe we deserved more. But it’s a high-competition sport, it’s life. It’s life, and you have to know how to bounce back. Today, our fans, as always, were superb, in a wonderful and sportsmanlike football atmosphere.”

“I think it’s a shame not to be able to give them this kind of joy, but we will bounce back and try to be stronger next year.”

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