On RMC Sport, Daniel Riolo suggests that Kylian Mbappé did not perform at his best this season, attributing it to his lifestyle choices.

“We are far from the ‘eat well, sleep well’ mantra launched by Kylian Mbappé last season. According to Daniel Riolo, the player let himself go this season. ‘After the match against Newcastle last autumn, I was very critical of Mbappé because he is not blameless this season in terms of his lifestyle. He was far from flawless in that regard. His physical form was lacking. He accumulated a lack of preparation and inconsistent training throughout the year.'”

“He hasn’t been good. He did the job because he’s above the rest in Ligue 1, but from the match against Newcastle onwards, I said he was starting to go out too much, that we heard too much about what was happening in Paris. He started to lose focus. When it came to the announcement made to Nasser Al-Khelaifi, what Luis Enrique did was an absolute disaster.”

“Not only did Mbappé not behave well, but PSG also ruined him. Everyone got it wrong this year, and PSG paid the price. Frankly, in this match, it feels like we’re seeing an ordinary and even overweight player,” Daniel Riolo remarked on The After.

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