Désiré Doué Is Close to Joining PSG, but Rennes Applies Final Pressure

Journalist Pedro Morais claims that Désiré Doué, the Rennes player, is very close to signing with PSG. “Désiré Doué will be a Parisian this summer. Well-informed sources have known this for some time. Eager to see the many denials from colleagues, but the truth will come out soon, believe me,” he stated on X. There has been no confirmation from PSG yet, but the transfer market seems to be heating up in Paris.

These statements apparently didn’t sit well with Rennes’ new sporting director Frédéric Massara, who is applying the brakes. “Today, Stade Rennais has the means to say no to any offer. If enormous offers come to the table, it’s not Stade Rennais but the current state of football that demands careful consideration on a case-by-case basis.”

“As of now, that’s not the case; we have no concerns in this regard. If staggering offers come in, that’s just how football is. It can turn the heads of players, their entourages, and the whole system. We work within this system and must manage these situations. Having the chance to possess talents that attract the interest of Europe’s top clubs, and potentially receiving hyperbolic offers, is truly a privilege,” he stated, as reported by Stade Rennais Online.

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