PSG will attempt to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals. Beware, four players are at risk of suspension.

On the Barça side, they will play this return leg against PSG without Sergi Roberto and Christensen. But on the Paris side, they are also looking at the suspension threats… for the next match. Because if PSG miraculously manages to qualify for the semi-final, four players are at risk of suspension.

If PSG succeeds in qualifying against FC Barcelona in the return match at the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium next week, Vitinha, Lucas Hernandez, Milan Skriniar, and Manuel Ugarte will need to be very careful to avoid receiving another yellow card.

Vitinha, who delivered a remarkable performance in the last match, would be particularly missed in the PSG midfield if absent. Lucas Hernandez, who often receives warnings, as well as Manuel Ugarte, will surely have this (big) detail in mind.

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