Kylian Mbappé is under fire from his former PSG teammate, Leandro Paredes.

Kylian Mbappé has once again irked Lionel Messi’s associates. This week, the French captain claimed that the Euro is more challenging than the World Cup, a statement that did not sit well with many Argentinians, including Leandro Paredes.

“For me, the Euro is more difficult than the World Cup. Even though there is more global pressure, here all the teams know each other perfectly, we constantly play against each other,” Kylian Mbappé stated during his press conference.

In response, former PSG midfielder Leandro Paredes told DSports: “He was lucky to win a World Cup but has not yet won the Euro. We lifted the Copa América, the Finalissima, and the World Cup. We know how demanding and difficult it is. We think about our achievements. Everyone is free to think and say what they want.”

It’s worth noting that Paredes and Mbappé did not have a particularly close relationship. “I had a relationship with those I had a relationship with, but with those I didn’t, I can’t talk about,” the Argentine remarked a few months ago.

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