L’Équipe discusses Neymar’s departure several months after being sold by PSG. In focus, the strained relationship with Kylian Mbappé.

From best friends in 2017 to worst enemies in 2023… the relationship between Neymar and Kylian Mbappé deteriorated over the years at PSG. According to L’Équipe, the behavior of the Brazilian, not appreciated by KM, is to blame.

“At first, Kylian [Mbappé] liked him, but after spending time with him daily, he lost the respect he had for him. Conversely, Neymar and Messi were annoyed to see that the club had given the keys to the car to Kylian. Messi, even though he was introverted, would say hello. Not Neymar,” a PSG employee told L’Équipe.

“Neymar Had Lost His Appetite”

“With him, you felt like he didn’t respect you. He avoided contact. It’s a shame because, in private, he seems nice and generous. I never found him pleasant or warm. Even though he understood French, he didn’t make the effort to speak it. In fact, after two or three good seasons, ‘Ney’ gave me the impression of being completely fed up.”

“Fed up with football, fed up with money… He had lost his appetite. He still had motivation to play with the Seleção but not to go to Brest,” a PSG employee told L’Équipe.

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