Neymar was “odious” with Vitinha and Hakimi, Ramos had to intervene

L’Équipe recounts Vitinha’s troubles with Neymar last season at PSG.

It’s known that the relationship between Neymar, Messi, and Vitinha was complicated. The Portuguese player was sometimes targeted by the two PSG stars during training sessions. And in L’Équipe, a witness recounts a tense moment between the Portuguese player and the Brazilian.

“Neymar was ODIOUS with Vitinha. The Portuguese player denied it, because he is kind and didn’t want trouble, but on several occasions, he was insulted,” this source assured in the sports newspaper.

Last season, tensions also arose between Lionel Messi and Achraf Hakimi. Neymar stood up to intervene and defend Messi, before being stopped by Sergio Ramos: “If you stand up, I’ll come,” the Spaniard declared. A witness recounts: “Fortunately, Sergio was there. He often acted as a buffer between him and some players in the group who couldn’t take it anymore.”

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