Following Paris Saint-Germain’s (0-2) victory at the Vélodrome in the Clasico on Sunday, Benoît Bastien justified his decisions on Prime Video.

The disallowed goal by Jordan Veretout, the expulsion of Lucas Beraldo: two decisions that sparked controversy Sunday night during the Clasico. These decisions, made by Benoît Bastien, the referee of the match, he stands by.

On the disallowed goal for OM. “At the moment of the shot, Luis Henrique was in an offside position. His very close proximity to the goalkeeper undoubtedly impacted his ability to intervene. According to the laws of the game, a player who alters the ability of an opponent to intervene is subject to punishment. Therefore, the goal was disallowed,” explained the referee.

“It’s Clear to Me”

On Beraldo’s expulsion. “I was alerted by my assistant referee who signaled a foul by Lucas Beraldo. My video assistant rightly asked me to analyze the action because we were in a potential red card scenario.”

“After seeing the images, it’s clear to me that it’s a denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity. The number one criterion is the position of the defenders capable of intervening. The dynamics of the action towards the depth and the absence of a defender are the criteria that allow us to say, despite the distance, that an action was stopped by the illicit intervention of Lucas Beraldo.”

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