During the match between the French U21 national team and Ivory Coast, Paris Saint-Germain’s forward, 21-year-old Bradley Barcola, was forced to leave the field due to a muscular injury to his left thigh.

Thierry Henry, the U21 coach, expressed his concern for the player during an interview with RMC Sport. “I had a little moment of hesitation because we are really careful about everything. Barcola had nothing, and that’s annoying. We know the upcoming matches he has,” said Thierry Henry after the match.

“I’m disappointed for him and for PSG. Some players arrived with small problems, but he had nothing, and that’s annoying. Unfortunately, he got injured. We’ll see what happened and analyze the match. I don’t know how long it will last; I’m not a doctor. But excuse me, it’s annoying. We never put the guys in danger,” added the coach of the French U21 team for L’Equipe channel.

Bradley Barcola will undergo examinations on Saturday to diagnose the injury. But it’s worrying, especially as PSG is set to face Barcelona in the Champions League in a few days.

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