According to RMC’s Jérôme Rothen, there is a war going on at PSG between the two Portuguese executives, Antero Henrique and Luis Campos.

On one side, there’s Luis Campos, the sporting advisor of PSG. On the other side, there’s Antero Henrique, the sporting director of the Qatar League, who lends a hand during transfer windows. According to Jérôme Rothen, it’s a clash between the two. “It’s a bombshell, a piece of information,” exclaimed the consultant on his show Rothen s’enflamme on RMC this Tuesday.

“Coincidentally, Kylian Mbappé announced his departure, and there are little articles or leaks popping up left and right to cut off Luis Campos’ head.”

“Antero Henrique Wants to Get Rid of Luis Campos”

“Everything is going well, but there’s a man in the club, or at least who was in the club and still remains in the circle, who emerges: Antero Henrique. Antero Henrique wants to get rid of Luis Campos, he’s pulling strings. We know about his close relationship with the president (Al-Khelaïfi), his close ties to the emir of Qatar. He’s pulling strings, doing everything to cut off Luis Campos’ head.”

“Why am I sharing this info? Basically, the truth is, I wanted us to be positive before this match against Barcelona in the Champions League, for the only club still representing France. But the problem is, internally, it’s chaos! And this gentleman (Henrique), for years, since he’s no longer the sporting director of Paris Saint-Germain, he’s been harming PSG. I don’t understand how we still let him have his way…”

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