PSG will have the support of Javier Pastore, the first “star” of the QSI era. He will be in Barcelona according to Le Parisien.

Paris Saint-Germain suffered a defeat in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final against FC Barcelona (2-3). This Tuesday, the Parisian team will travel to the return match with the firm intention of overturning the situation. In an interview with Le Parisien, Javier Pastore, former PSG player and fervent supporter of the club, believes that Paris still has a chance.

“It will probably resemble what we saw in the first leg. The match could be decided on individual actions because the strengths of each team are distributed between midfield and attack. Barcelona will try to control the tempo by putting their foot on the ball, and PSG to recover it as high as possible to pounce and hurt them on the counter. Paris needs to score first to create excitement in this match. Then, anything is possible.”

“I am convinced that we will see a great Mbappé on Tuesday. Knowing him a little, he is the player who will have the most desire to qualify. With PSG’s need to score, he will take responsibility and play a very good match. In the first leg, he was dangerous two or three times. The problem is that we are used to seeing each of his actions end in a goal. There is no reason to doubt him. He will show up.”

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