In an interview with Quotidien, Kylian Mbappé has opened up before leaving PSG: he expresses gratitude to Paris but says he’s excited about what’s to come with Real Madrid.

Kylian Mbappé, as we rarely see him in recent months, or even in recent years. For Quotidien, the PSG player discussed his departure to Real Madrid after 7 years in Paris.

“Paris represents too much. Playing for such a big club, the love of the people. A demanding but loving audience. And then the titles. I’ve won many at Paris. My career took a different trajectory at PSG. I owe that to PSG.”

“In seven years, I’ve changed. I was fresh out of high school, out of school. I experienced it with carelessness. I didn’t have a house, I lived in hotels. I realize who I am now.”

“What will I miss the most? Until I’m gone, I don’t know… Mostly the food already, the habits, the family, the close ones. I’ll lose a lot but gain others. I’m looking forward, I’m super excited, what awaits me will be magical. PSG will continue to be great. If I was attracted, others will be too. Great players want to play for a special club, and PSG is a special club.”

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