The PSG is back, and at their new Campus in Poissy: several players were present.

Neymar was there. New signings Manuel Ugarte and Lucas Hernandez were also in attendance. Along with them was Mbappé, not Kylian, but Ethan. And they all discovered the New Training Center in Poissy.

Here are the images from the first day.

It’s fantastic to see PSG back with their players at the new Campus in Poissy. The presence of Neymar, Manuel Ugarte, Lucas Hernandez, and Ethan Mbappé showcases the team’s commitment for the upcoming season.

The images from the first day at the New Training Center in Poissy highlight the players’ enthusiasm and their dedication to preparing for the new season. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that provides top-quality training and development opportunities for the players.

PSG appears ready to take on the challenges ahead with this new infrastructure. Fans are excited to see what this team will achieve in the coming months and how they will prepare for upcoming competitions.

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