French Media Le Parisien provides an update this Tuesday on the Mbappé situation: substituted during OM-PSG, the player, like the rest of the group, was put back in his place.

A 2-0 victory, yet PSG finds itself in another controversy with Kylian Mbappé. Substituted during the match, the player didn’t appreciate it and reportedly insulted his coach, Luis Enrique, while leaving the field.

Regarding Mbappé’s alleged insults, the Spanish coach avoided directly addressing them. “I didn’t see anything. Absolutely nothing,” he stated. However, concerning his decision to substitute the forward, the former Barcelona coach was less tolerant. “He was unhappy when he came off? Why? It’s the same story every week, it’s tiring. I am the coach, I make the decisions, and I will do so until my last day in Paris. I make these decisions to make my team better and the best decisions for our team. If you don’t understand my decision, I don’t care.”

All players are replaceable

According to Le Parisien, Luis Enrique remained firm under pressure. The relationship between the two men was normal during Monday’s training, but the Parisian coach emphasized his authority with his stars.

During his speech, Enrique emphasized the importance of putting aside egos and stressed that he alone decides on substitutions. He mentioned several cases, including Dembélé, Marquinhos, Mendes, Hakimi, and Mbappé.

Luis Enrique also reportedly reminded everyone that for now, the only irreplaceable person in the team… is him. Unless PSG President Nasser al-Khelaïfi decides otherwise.

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