The ongoing saga over the sale of Parc des Princes sees a new development as PSG pressures for a resolution. The Paris City Hall may have a compromise: a partial sale.

PSG has made it clear to anyone who will listen: they want to buy Parc des Princes. However, faced with a firm refusal from the Paris City Hall to sell the stadium outright, the club is now threatening to find a new home. This escalating pressure has led the city to explore alternative solutions.

According to L’Équipe, a potential compromise is emerging. Paris City Hall is considering selling the stadium to PSG while retaining ownership of the land it stands on. This model, similar to arrangements used for private buildings, still needs legal validation.

This intermediate solution could break the current deadlock, providing a way forward in what seemed an intractable situation. If implemented, it would allow PSG to take control of the stadium facilities while the city retains ownership of the underlying land.

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