PSG will not play in Ligue 1 this weekend. According to Robert Duverne, the former physical trainer of the French national team, this may not necessarily be a good idea.

A 3-2 defeat against Barcelona and everything is called into question. PSG had been spared by the LFP, which moved its match this weekend in Ligue 1, which was scheduled against Lorient. But in L’Equipe, Robert Duverne, the former physical trainer of the French national team, believes that this postponement may not be a good idea for confidence.

“When you have just lost a match, you like to change your mind. Kylian Mbappé might have scored in Lorient, he would have put himself back on track. They are 18 years old, 22 years old, 25 years old, they can play every three days. I wouldn’t have had the same reflection with a team of thirty-somethings. Bradley Barcola and Kylian Mbappé can still play one after the other.”

“Now, Paris will go to Barcelona with doubt. It bothers me that they don’t play before Barcelona. The ten substitutes from Wednesday’s first leg match did nothing on match day, they rest on Friday. What do we give them to eat? These players will lack rhythm in Barcelona.”

However, Olivier Rodriguez, the former physical trainer of Le Havre, believes it is a great idea: “The fact that there is no championship match is an advantage because the Parisians will be able to recharge their batteries at the beginning of the week. The coach will be able to work a normal training week. He won’t burden them too much athletically. What is important is that he will have time to implement tactically many things to disrupt Barcelona.”

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