Nearly a year after his accident, Sergio Rico can play professionally again, according to RMC Sport.

Good news for Sergio Rico. The PSG goalkeeper, who suffered a serious horse riding accident on May 28 last year, could resume training soon, “possibly before the end of April,” RMC reports. He had spent 26 days in a coma after his fall.

This is a remarkable comeback for the Spanish goalkeeper. Sergio Rico is currently in Spain and is under contract with PSG until next June. During his coma, he lost 20 kg. Since then, he has been maintaining himself while waiting to be able to resume training with PSG.

At the beginning of April, he announced on social media the pregnancy of his partner, adding another happy milestone to his personal life after overcoming challenging medical trials. “When I am fully recovered, I will return to sports to get back in shape quickly and rejoin the team. I am focused on my return as a goalkeeper. There is no other option,” he announced in early January in an interview with DAZN in Spain.

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