The Trophée des Champions could change its format for future editions, according to the newspaper L’Équipe.

The winner of the Coupe de France or the 2nd-placed team in Ligue 1 against the French champion: this is the current format of the Trophée des Champions. But this could change, according to the newspaper L’Équipe.

Instead of two teams traditionally facing off, there would now be four teams in contention: the teams ranked first, second, and third in Ligue 1, as well as the winner of the Coupe de France.

This evolution promises an even more competitive tournament. Furthermore, the tournament could be moved to winter, and the next edition being considered would take place in Congo, thus offering an international dimension to this event.

For now, the Trophée des Champions is scheduled for next summer in its current format with PSG. And the match could take place in China.

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