While visiting Cameroon, Kylian Mbappé has chosen not to address questions regarding his current situation with PSG.

Despite media attempts to inquire about his ongoing standoff with the club, Mbappé has remained tight-lipped and declined to provide any statements or responses.

During his time in Cameroon, Mbappé’s focus has been on enjoying his visit, spending time with the people of Cameroon, and discussing potential projects for the country’s future development. He has expressed gratitude for the warm reception and excitement about the initiatives being worked on, but has refrained from discussing his contractual situation or any issues with PSG.

Mbappé’s decision to keep silent on the PSG matter suggests that he is prioritizing his time in Cameroon and avoiding distractions related to transfer speculation or contract negotiations. His visit appears to be centered on personal and philanthropic endeavors, as he aims to contribute positively to the community in his father’s home country.

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