A dramatic turn of events in Matvey Safonov’s transfer to PSG: According to Russian media Championat, Krasnodar goalkeeper Matvey Safonov may never sign for Paris.

The player has already undergone his medical examination and was set to sign a 5-year contract with PSG. The transfer fee was set at €18 million, along with various bonuses.

However, for now, the transfer is on hold. According to Championat, Matvey Safonov’s movements have been restricted following a decision made in the last 48 hours. This decision is related to a dispute with his ex-wife over unpaid alimony. The goalkeeper owes a significant amount, estimated at 60 million rubles, or over €600,000.

Matvey Safonov is therefore unable to leave Russia at the moment. Until this sum is paid, PSG cannot sign the player. Will the transfer be cancelled? “I don’t comment on my possible or impossible transfer to PSG. You’ll know as much as I do if it happens,” said the player.

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